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      Beier Machinery specialize in providing you with plastic recycling machine for PE,PP,PET,film,plastic granulator,plastic pelletizer.
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      • plastic-granulator
        Plastic Pelletizer Should Pay Attention to the Problem When Operating

        What should we pay attention to when using plastic pelletizers? 1. Pay attention to fire safety, fire extinguishers should be placed near the use of thermal oil equipment. 2. When the plastic pelletizer malfunctions or is abnormal, it m……

      • plastic-recycling-machine
        Advantages of Beier Machinery Film Recycling Washing Line to meet market demand

        With the large-scale application of plastics, Chinese plastic recycling industry has gradually prospered since the beginning of the 21st century. From the previous family workshop-style recycling plastics model, the pure business model is……

      • plastic-pelletizer
        Precautions Before and After the Use of Plastic Pelletizer

        What are the precautions before and after the use of plastic pelletizer? 1. Adjust the proper distance between the granulator and the screen of the plastic pelletizer. Generally, the closer the better, the better the normal operation wil……

      • plastic-pelletizer
        The Difference of Heating Mode of Plastic Pelletizer

        Coal heating and natural gas heating plastic pelletizer supplemented by the pattern. Although the electric heating plastic pelletizing machine in the country to be widely promoted, and now the market formed on the plastic pelletizer machi……

      • Plastic Granulator Machine Needs to Improve the Innovation Ability

        In recent years,with the economic development of plastic raw materials prices continue to rise,the state is vigorously urged the development of plastic granulator Machine industry and transformation,and huge market demand,plastic granulat……

      • Waste-Plastic-Recycling-Line
        Development of Waste Plastic Recycling Line

        With the development of social economy, the new market model has brought new challenges to more enterprises. In response to the problems of high labor costs, unstable manual operations, and difficult management, more and more companies ar……

      • Plastic Pelletizer
        The Granulation Art of Beier Machinery

        Plastic products are indispensable items in people's daily lives,such as plastic bags, EPE foam products, beverage bottles, mobile phone casings, etc. Wide range of use, huge amount of use,in order to meet the needs of daily necessities a……

      • plastic-pelletizer
        Development of Domestic Plastic Pelletizer Technology

        Faced with severe energy and environmental challenges, China has recently adopted a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development concept as its guiding ideology, and formulated a medium and long-term energy science an……

      • plastic-granulator
        How to Choose a Suitable Plastic Granulator?

        With the heat of the plastic recycling industry, the demand for plastic pelletizers continues to increase. Many companies also started to produce plastic pelletizers, which led to a wide variety of pelletizers on the market, with uneven q……

      • plastic-flake-pelletizer-machine
        Plastic Pelletizer Industry needs to Develop Towards Green High Efficiency

        When exploring the new development path of plastic pelletizer technology, comprehensive consideration must be given to energy efficiency, environmental protection, and product quality in order to achieve comprehensive, coordinated, and su……

      • plastic-pelletizer
        Comprehensive Analysis of the Development Direction of the Plastic Pelletizer Industry

        In the face of severe challenges to energy and the environment, Chinese has recently adopted a comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable scientific development concept as its guiding ideology, and formulated a medium and long-term energ……

      • Unlimited Business Opportunities for Plastic Recycling Equipment Manufacturer

        The product potential of Chinese plastic products is huge, and the application fields of plastics are expanding day by day. The food, clothing, housing, and transportation related to people's lives are all closely related to plastics,and ……

      • Industrial Development and Environmental Situation Help the Continuous Development of Plastic Pelletizer Industry

        In recent years, Chinese industrial development has been rapid, the market has prospered, and there are dozens of large-scale plastics markets. However, the demand for waste plastics has been in short supply, and prices have risen again. ……

      • plastic-granulator
        What Are Problems That Plastic Granulator Should Pay Attention To During Operation?

        The correct operation of plastic machines has been used to extend their life. However, the use of plastic machinery has not received enough attention in our daily lives, and at the same time it has caused some unnecessary problems. Then w……

      • plastic recycling machine
        Waste Plastics Recycling Granulator Features Introduced

        How much do you know about waste plastic recycling granulator? So old plastic recycling granulator that several good? Here to introduce to you, hope can help to everyone. Plastic extruder is also one of the types of plastic machinery. Acc……

      • Crusher
        Environmental Protection to Promote Recycling of Waste Plastic Recycling Machinery

        With the overwhelming environmental protection policy issued. In people's consciousness, all kinds of environmental protection have been printed in the bones. The most important environmental impact should be the waste plastics recycling ……

      • plastic-recycling-machine
        Beier Plastic Recycling Machine For Sale

        Beier Machinery is high quality professional manufacturer in China. Beier Machinery is specialized in providing you with plastic recycling machine, plastic recycling line?which is specifically used for recycling,crushing and cleaning wast……

      • pe-pp-plastic-film-recycling-equipment
        Introduction to PE PP Plastic Film Recycling Equipment

        PE PP plastic film recycling equipment is an ideal equipment in waste plastic recycling industry, with leading technology in the world. This PE PP plastic film recycling unit is mainly for PP PE plastic film: the used plastic film are tea……

      • Beier Machinery Plastic Flake Pelletizer Machine

        Beier Machinery provides Plastic Flake Pelletizer Machine is suitable for PE,ASP,PS,PP and other recycling material pelletizion production. Plastic Flake Pelletizer Machine Process: Firstly,the raw materials enter the screw barrel throu……

      • plastic-pelletizing-production-line
        Plastic Pelletizing Production Line

        Plastic pelletizing production line is mainly used for plastic materials. Such as PE, PP, ABS, PC, PS compounding, filling, reinforcing, granulating and modification of plastic granules. The granules made by strand pelletizing line is uni……

      • plastic-recycling-line
        Beier Plastic Recycling Line Features

        Beier Machinery plastic recycling line is of new design, reasonable configuration, steady operation, low noise, low consumption and high output. Plastic recycling line is consisting in sorting prewashing, hot washing, separation, centrifu……

      • Introduction to Beier Machinery’s PET Bottle Recycling line

        Beier Machinery provides you with PET bottle recycling?line which is specifically used for recycling,crushing and cleaning waste PET bottles and other PET plastic bottles. The appearance of the PET bottle recycling line is exquisite,it h……

      • Introduction to Beier Machinery’s Agglomeration Pelletizing Line

        This Agglomeration Pelletizing Line is ideal equipment for recycled plastic pelletizing, PE, PP film scrap, HDPE, PP industrial flakes. Agglomeration Pelletizing Line is of new design, reasonable configuration, steady operation, low noise……

      • Strand Pelletizing Line
        Beier Machinery’s Strand Pelletizing Line Applications

        Beier pelletiztion production line is composed of special designed agglomerator, single-screw extruder, screen changer, dryer, vibrator and packing system, etc. Strand Pelletizing Line Applications: Fiber Reinforcement: glass fiber, car……