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      Beier Machinery specialize in providing you with plastic recycling machine for PE,PP,PET,film,plastic granulator,plastic pelletizer.
      You are here: Home ? Recycling Machine ? PET Recycling Line ? 500-6000KG/H PET Bottle Washing Line
      500-6000KG/H PET Bottle Washing Line

      BEIER Machinery provides PET Bottle Washing Line(500-6000KG/H)which is specifically used for recycling,crushing and washing waste PET bottles and other PET plastic bottles.

      PET Bottle Washing Line

      PET Bottle Washing Line

      Post-consumer PET bottles are doubtless among the most important components of the recycling market.Recycled PET may be used in a wide variety of final applications, with very interesting and remunerable financial returns for the recycling companies.
      As the quality of the collected PET bottles varies significantly from country to country, and even within the same country, and as their conditions can be very bad, it is necessary to be continuously updated on the technologies and technical solutions of PET recycling,in order to correctly process the most difficult and contaminated materials and reach the best final quality.
      BEIER Machinery,thanks to its worldwide experience in the field of PET bottle washing line and recycling line, can provide its customers with proper technical solutions and state-of-the art recycling technologies, delivering a response tailored to the frequently changing needs of its customers and of the market.
      PET Bottle Washing Line Process:

      PET Bottle Recycling Line

      PET Flake

      PET Flake Quality Reference Table:

      Moisture Content <0.9% Label <20ppm
      PVC <50ppm Variegated tablets <30ppm
      Glue <10ppm PH Neutral
      PP/PE <20ppm Total impurity <100ppm
      Metal <20ppm Flake size 12mm, 14mm or according to customer needs

      Estimated Plant Parameters:

      Capacity(kg/h) Power Installed(kw) Required Area(m2) Manpower Steam Volume(kg/h) Compressed Air(m3/min) Water Supply(m3/h)
      500 220 400 8 350 4 1
      1000 500 750 10 500 10 3
      2000 700 1000 12 800 15 5
      3000 900 1500 12 1000 15 6
      4500 1000 2200 16 1300 18 8
      6000 1200 2500 16 1800 18 10

      Beier PET Bottle Washing Line which is used for recycling,crushing and washing waste PET bottles and other PET plastic bottles.

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