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      Beier Machinery specialize in providing you with plastic recycling machine for PE,PP,PET,film,plastic granulator,plastic pelletizer.
      You are here: Home ? Plastic Pelletizer ? Plastic Film Pelletizer Machine ? Woven Bag Fabrics Compactor & Granulating Line
      Woven Bag Fabrics Compactor & Granulating Line

      Granulating Line

      The characteristics of granulating line:
      This granulation production line is composed of special designed agglomerator, single-screw extruder, screen changer, dryer, vibrator and packing system, etc.
      1.Greatly increase output
      2.Continuous production
      3.Flexible pelletizing style
      Plastic granulating line technical parameters:

      Model SJ70-TLJL200 SJ100-TLJL500 SJ120-TLJL800 SJ150-TLJL800 SJ160-TLJL1000
      Main motor power (KW) 37+30 90+55 132+75 160+90 220+110
      Output (KW) 80-110 180-260 300-400 400-600 600-800


      Category: Plastic Film Pelletizer Machine,Plastic Granulator

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